Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chief Producer English Video Interview Reveals Developmental Insight; 1 New Karaoke Song Other Than “Bakamitai”

Sega has shared a fully English-subtitled video interview with Hiroyuki Sakamoto, the chief producer of Like a Dragon: Ishin! This seven-minute video discusses several general elements of the title, such as its expected range of appeal and the fact that development began roughly a year and a half ago. The Unreal Engine utilization has been stated to be a significant focus of this project, too.

Players can also look forward to new content, like new substories, karaoke songs, and combat skills. In fact, there is one new karaoke song other than Bakamitai, though its title has not been stated.

You can view the full seven-minute English-subtitled video interview with Hiroyuki Sakamoto below:

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Sega recently clarified that the Yakuza series will now be called “Like a Dragon” in the West for the foreseeable future.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Windows and Steam on February 22, 2023. This title was formerly Japan-only. Further, this will be a fully-fledged remake in Unreal Engine 4 with new content.

Combat utilizes four styles; Sword, Gun, Dance, and Brawl. Weapon enhancement will also be possible to face powerful foes more feasibly. The base town of Kyo will have plenty of activities to partake in as well. Various minigames will be present, such as karaoke, with there even being Edo-period style arrangements.

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