Light Tracer 2 ~The Two Worlds~ Gets Steam Page The Reveals a July Launch in the West

Chuyan Inc. launched the Steam page for the western release of the Void Dimensions action-adventure Light Tracer 2: The Two Worlds, with a planned release window for July 2020.

Light Tracer 2 is the sequel to the VR exclusive puzzle-adventure Light Tracer, that released on PSVR and PC. The story follows a princess whose homeland is facing trouble. If that wasn’t enough, the Gods chose to take her to a realm outside of time and space. So, she does whatever she can to get back home.

During the adventure, players have control of the Princess as well as the floating hands of Light. There are 4 Great Isles to explore that are home to enemies and secrets. Players are free to explore these areas by boat at any time as they make their way through the game.

Puzzles can still be found, but the game also has a new hack-and-slash battle system where players will control the princess and take down enemies. There are additional quick time events and boss battles that await the player.

There isn’t a console announcement for Light Tracer 2 at this time. However, we’ll keep you updated on the development.

You can check out the screenshots from the game below:

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