Bathhouse Management Life Sim ‘Spirittea’ Launching for Switch + Xbox & PC Game Pass 2023; New Trailer

During The Game Awards pre-show, developer Cheesemaster Games and publisher No More Robots announced that their upcoming life simulation and management title, Spirittea, will launch for Xbox and PC Game Pass in 2023. A Nintendo Switch version is also planned for next year.

Throughout this game that’s self-admittedly inspired by Stardew Valley, players follow the story of an author who flees to the countryside so they can clear their head and seek motivation and ideas for their next novel. However, after drinking a unique liquid from a mystical teapot, the protagonist begins seeing reality overlapped with the spirit world.

Afterward, a faithful cat guide and spirit named Wonyan reveals itself to the author and illustrates how many spirits require saving while providing the key to a bathhouse they frequent.

When interacting with spirits in this location, the player can offer them towels, salts, and snacks to aid their mentalities. Further, the bathhouse itself can be updated to feature new furniture and rooms. Doing so will attract new spirits, including the highly elusive Lord Spirits that take a room each. Still, activities outside the bathhouse, such as bug-catching and karaoke, are also possible.

You can view this game’s screenshots below, alongside its key art:

You can view the latest trailer for Spirittea below:

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