Life is Strange Remastered Delayed to Early 2022

The Life is Strange team recently tweeted out an update for the series as a whole. The first being a DLC to release on September 30 called Life is Strange Wavelengths. The team gave little information about the title other than that it will be starring Steph Gingrich.

A classmate of Chloe’s from Before the Storm and returning for True Colors. Releasing this DLC soon after the main game’s release shows that fans will not have to wait long for the additional content announced despite Alex’s story no longer being episodic.

Following this news, they announced that they would need to give more time between the release of the Remastered collection to help alleviate the pressures that might have happened due to the pandemic. The new release window is now Early 2022.

With the extra time for the remaster, this could be the most definitive way to play the two original games. Life is Strange True Colors is releasing on September 10, 2021, to keep you occupied until the remasters come.

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Nathan Mejia

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