Level-5 Has Reportedly Halted Operations in North America

A recent article from gamesindustry.biz has stated that Level-5 has halted with all operation in its North American branch. This developer is mostly known for their work on Yo-Kai Watch, Ni no Kuni and Professor Layton. Not many details regarding this closing of operations have been provided, but there have been many signs of this potentially occurring over the past year.

Level-5 International America and the company’s spin-off office, Level-5 Abby began laying off the majority of their staff over the course of last year’s Summer. In addition to this, they were laying dormant and winding down with their general activities. In July of 2019, Level-5 International America confirmed it was closing its game design department which further adds to the gradual decline that the North American branch has been facing. Employees were reportedly aware of the offices soon shutting their doors too.

The future of Level-5 games being localized is rather bleak to say the least, with it also being suggested that no more future titles will be making their way outside of Japan.

Yo-Kai Watch 4 was confirmed for localization during 2019, the same year the title released in Japan, but all news regarding this title’s fabled localization has been quiet. It is highly probable that these plans have been cancelled and the title will never leave Japan. Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes is a highly anticipated title in Japan, having been delayed to a 2021 release. No news of that title being localized has been confirmed however.

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