Let It Die PS4 Exclusive No More, Coming to Steam This Fall

GungHo Online Entertainment America announced that the Grasshopper Manufacture developed free-to-play hack-and-slash adventure title Let It Die will release on PC-via Steam this Fall.

Originally launched as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, Let It Die is set in the year 2026 AD after a tectonic disturbance left the world in post-apocalyptic destruction. Players create characters and explore deep into the game’s world, which is full of tough enemies and easy ways to end up dead.

As of right now, the game has been downloaded by over four million PS4 owners, a number that will surely grow after the PC version launches. However, whether or not all of those players are actually playing the game isn’t mentioned by the company, but it is a nice milestone.

Additionally, the PC build of the game will be available to play during PAX West 2018.

GungHo is planning on revealing their full PAX West line-up in the next coming days. Hopefully, that includes details on any updates added to the PC version of Let It Die.

You can check out new PC screenshots below:

Author’s take: I’m glad Let It Die is still going strong. The game has a loyal following of players that is only going to become larger. There’s a lot that could go wrong with porting a game to PC so it’s going to interesting to see how the PC community reacts to the game.

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