Legend of Mana is Looking to Blow Other Remaster Efforts Away as Seen in New Screenshots

Square Enix released new screenshots of the updated version of Legend of Mana coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam on June 24, 2021.

The screenshots give fans a look at the updated gameplay and ability animations that have always been flashy in execution. In these screenshots, the colors and effects shine as players can equip and unlock various abilities depending on which weapon they choose to master.

The pre-rendered levels look simply amazing in the screenshots as well, which is something that Square Enix doesn’t always update in these remaster efforts. We can’t wait to see more gameplay as we get closer to launch.

Legend of Mana initially released in 2000 on PlayStation as one of the few Mana titles that introduce a few new gameplay elements to the series. Players are able to choose their own protagonist and carve out a unique adventure using puzzle pieces that they can place on an ever-growing map. The goal of the game is to complete three narratives as they make their way to the Mana trailer.

This version of the game will feature all of the gameplay found in the PlayStation release with additional options for re-arranged music, easier battles by turning off encounters, and a new mini-game now and ring-ring land, which looks similar to a Tomagachi where players can take care of monsters.

Legend of Mana will be available digitally for $29.99 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. Customers who pre-order the title before June 23 on PlayStation 4 will receive ten avatars and a theme, and Steam pre-orders will grant customers a themed wallpaper.

You can see the screenshots below:

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