Investigation Mystery Game ‘Legal Dungeon’ Comes to Switch Later This Month

Playism announced that the Somi-developed adventure mystery game Legal Dungeon will launch on Nintendo Switch on February 25 in the west.

Legal Dungeon isn’t your typical mystery game as players are tasked with “creating and organizing verdict documents for submission to the prosecution.” Players will assume the role of a female lieutenant name Jane Blue who will receive statements that players will read. Using keywords selected in the text, they’ll face off against the accused in the “dungeon” and complete “verdict documents” for submission to the prosecutor. Yea, it’s pretty niche.

Jane will be faced with various crimes, and players will need to decide whether to recommend that the accused be prosecuted or let go. These decisions affect the lives of the accused as well as Jane’s. There are multiple narrative branches depending on the choices made during gameplay.

The game takes all the action that the player has made and connects them to bring home the narrative. It’s a game aimed at lovers of social mystery and suspense games. Depending on how players do, Jane is ranked, which earns her respect from the police. The verdict is mostly up to the player, who must organize and gather the right documents to indict.

This game is pretty unique, and I’m pretty interested in it. Legal Dungeon initially launched on PC-via Steam in 2019.

you can watch the trailer below to see the game in action:

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