Tactical Shooter ‘Left Alive’ Reveals Extended Gameplay Showing Characters and Action

Square Enix released a new gameplay video for their mech-action RPG Left Alive, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on March 5.

The video gives an in-depth look into the motivations of each of the three main characters that players will be able to play through the perspective of throughout the narrative. Each character is different, including how they go about sneaking through the environment and crafting traps to avoid confrontation. Players can also take on enemies head-on, the must use the best route to ensure survival.

Gameplaying in Left Alive revolve around saving people who have been left behind. Throughout the game, players will encounter many civilians in war-torn parts of the city. The player is tasked with saving these citizens as one of their missions, but sometimes they’ll need to decide on whether they should gather resources or leave citizens behind.

Danger also lurks the streets during gameplay. Players will need to figure out ways to survive when encountered by an enemy. This means managing the risk of the encounter by evading enemies and using tactics to get through alive. The enemy won’t be easy to take down, they are well equipped with the armor that gunfire isn’t completely effective against. Shooting their exposed limbs are necessary to take them down.

You can watch the 14-minutes of gameplay below:

Author’s take: This game is looking so good, can’t wait to return to the world of Front Mission.

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