Tactical Shooter ‘Left Alive’ Details Characters, Gameplay, and Online Mode

Square Enix released a new trailer for their mech-action RPG Left Alive, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on March 5.

The trailer details the story and characters of the game that Front Mission fans have been dying to know more about. In the game, players will meet Olga Sergeyevna Kalinina, a member of the Novo Slave police force who was once a soldier in the Garmonian army but left after her daughter past away in an accident. Olga is pursuing a case on a series of disappearances where she ends up meeting Julia Pavlovna Smirnova. Julia is an orphan who has lost her parents after a riot erupted in the name of independence. Lastly, we meet Andrey Lukyanovich Borodin, a commander in the Garmonia army who was once Olga’s commanding officer. It’s unclear where his actions lie and if he is good or bad, but at the moment he is acting alone.

Left Alive features a number of mechs, but the publisher has highlight the Wanzer – Zhalanie P3, which features a number of innovations used to transport infantry and created to be as small of a target as possible.

Gameplaying in Left Alive revolve around saving people who have been left behind. Throughout the game, players will encounter many civilians in war-torn parts of the city. The player is tasked with saving these citizens as one of their missions, but sometimes they’ll need to decide on whether they should gather resources or leave citizens behind.

Danger also lurks the streets during gameplay. Players will need to figure out ways to survive when encountered by an enemy. This means managing the risk of the encounter by evading enemies and using tactics to get through alive. The enemy won’t be easy to take down, they are well equipped with the armor that gunfire isn’t completely effective against. Shooting their exposed limbs are necessary to take them down.

To get past enemies, players can use gadget and weapons, but using them correctly is needed in order to get past them. Gadgets can be crafted on the field, where some show the position of the enemies and obstacles or even expose bombs.

Online gameplay allows the player to change the map to a heat-map which will show player positions who have died on the same stage. This will allow players to avoid dangerous encounters. Also, corpses found on the ground can have rare items on them that will help the player, but searching through these corpses means being exposed in a kill zone, so the danger is always lurking.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer and check out screenshots showing the characters and gameplay below:

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