Left Alive Details Characters and World in New Story Trailer and Screenshots

Square Enix launched a new story trailer for their upcoming survival action shooter Left Alive, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam on March 5.

The trailer gives players a preview of the game’s world set in Novo Slave year 2127 and the characters that players will get to know throughout the journey. More specifically, we get a look at the game’s three main protagonists, Mikhail, Olga, and Leonid, which players will be able to switch between at various parts of the narrative.

Designed by Kojima Productions Yoji Shinkawa designed each character and it sure does show in the work. Each of the characters will need to fight for survival in the war in their own way, and yes, there will be plenty of mechs to be seen.

In case you missed it, Left Alive recently revealed their day one edition and collector’s edition of the game which features a nice Volk (mech) action figure.

You can watch the new story trailer and check out some character screenshots below:

Author’s take: This game just keeps looking better. I seriously don’t mind wait until March for this so it’s out of the way of other titles that are releasing in early 2019. Also, this gives the developers more time to make the game great, which it is turning out to be.

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