Learn About Connections In The Kingdom Hearts Series’ Soundtracks From The Talented David Russell

Music is a critical component of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, usually being a facet unanimously praised by fans and non-fans alike. With that being said, understanding the intricacies of the series’ music, such as its interconnectivity across entries, can seem daunting for those not musically inclined. Thankfully, a notable Kingdom Hearts content creator has taken it upon themselves to share digestible analysis videos dissecting the franchise’s soundtracks.

David Russell, alternatively known as Green Requiem, has been analyzing the songs from the series, with each game having its own dedicated video. In fact, just yesterday, he published an astonishingly impressive over 2-hour exploration into the music of the 𝝌[chi] saga. Even someone like me who has not studied music in the slightest can follow Russell’s deep dives into musical properties in a way that is neither condescending nor needlessly contrived. Further, his analyses have enhanced my continually evolving appreciation and respect for this series’ music and its composers all the more.

Still, these videos require every ounce of your attention to parse the intended messages as not only is the production value starkly high, but they don’t hold back in illustrating the layered complexity present within these soundtracks’ connections.

If you’d like to give these videos a watch, check out the Green Requiem Youtube channel. He also has a Twitter account.

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