Multiplayer Horror Game ‘Last Year: The Nightmare’ Launches on Discord; Other Platforms Coming 2019

Elastic Games has launched their survival multiplayer game Last Year: The Nightmare on PC-via Discord Store, through the “First to Discord” program.

Last Year: The Nightmare brings five players together as they must work as a team to escape a deadly killer controlled by a 6th player. In order to survive, players will need to complete objects while avoiding encounters with the killer. However, players can arm themselves to fight back against the killer, these weapons include bats, guns, and a few improvised tools.

Because players are armed, the killer must use a bit of strategy when stalking their prey. The killer can go into Predator Mode to set traps and ambush players. Killers can hid behind walls and burst through them or lie and wait for unsuspecting victims.

The developer has also confirmed that they plan to support Last Year: The Nightmare post-launch with content updates and bringing the game to other platforms in 2019.

The developer released a new launch trailer showing new gameplay footage from players who have played the game before. Players can also get a chance to preview the environments and objects.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

Author’s take: I like the idea of arming the survivors, it forces the person who is playing the killer to be a little more strategic.

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