Last Week on Indie Steam – Philophobia, Succubus, and More

Welcome to another Last Week on Indie Steam, where I patiently browse Steam’s daily releases in case you missed out on something.

This week’s releases are full of visual novels and romance. With Valentine’s love in the air, gamers have a nice batch of romantic and love-themed titles to choose from.

Boris and the Dark Survival – February 10 / Joey Drew Studios

Boris and the Dark Survival
Boris and the Dark Survival is a top-down survival game and a classic take of the hide & seek genre. At each attempt, the room generates into something completely unexpected, and survival depends on adapting to the changes.

Philophobia: The Fear of Love – February 10 / Tim Ruswick


I love experimental platformers with that unique gameplay elements. Philophobia’s just that. The game requires precision and many attempts, but through its style, it shows a fantastic creative side that somehow might change your playstyle.

Cirno’s Perfect Summer Vacation – February 10 / Chaos Cute Soft

Cirnos Perfect Summer Vacation
Cirno’s Perfect Summer Vacation is this week’s little free gift for all of us we want to play something new, but have the wallet dryer than the Sahara. It’s a short visual novel but has a cute story and some excellent illustrations. I also like how the backgrounds are straight from real photographs.

Awakening of Celestial – February 12 / Celestial Project

Awakening of Celestial
Right up front, Awakening of Celestial has a fantastic visual direction, with beautiful renders and a considerable amount of details. Mixing visual novel elements with rhythm game systems and RPG battles, this romantic title has over 10 hours of content and an excellent soundtrack.

UNA The Shadow Dust – February 13 / Application Systems

LUNA The Shadow Dust
Luna: The Shadow Dust is a nice nod to classic point-and-click puzzle games. Everything melds together beautifully, and it provided me with a solid puzzle experience. Despite my aversion to this genre, I found the experience pleasant overall. Some of the puzzles left me stumped, but after getting through them, I felt accomplished in their defeat.
– From our review, written by David Madrigal-Hernandez.

DAEMON X MACHINA – February 13 / XSEED Games, Marvelous USA, Inc., Marvelous

Do you like Mechs? Of course, you do, I mean, who doesn’t? That’s why Daemon X Machina is for you. Originally released on Nintendo Switch, this Mech game features amazing character customizations, fluid gameplay, and impressive graphics.

Azur Lane Crosswave – February 13 / Idea Factory International

Azur Lane Crosswave
“Azur Lane: Crosswave has plenty of fun elements about it, but know that this is simply the mobile game brought to a 3D space. There are aspects of the game that I feel fell short, but I did enjoy the challenge, and the after story offerings are enough to want to continue playing. Plus, I never had to worry about burning money on gacha rolls.”
– From our review, written by Azario Lopez.

TroubleDays – February 13 / qureate

TroubleDays 6
Every week we need that naughty game to cheer us up, and here we have it. TroubleDays has some attractive artwork and a unique story. A slice of life with succubus and lots of visual treats. What else can we ask for Valentine’s?

Senren*Banka – February 14 / HIKARI FIELD, NekoNyan Ltd.

Senren Banka
Taking a sword out of a stone screams adventure, and that’s just what Senren Banka provides. However, after doing so, he must marry the shrine maiden, and the romance begins. The story is a perfect fit for anyone needing a little action in their romantic lives to keep things spicy.

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