Last Week on Indie Steam – Sakura Returns, Classic Run and Guns, and Lots of Caffeine

Another fantastic week for those looking to acquire some great indie titles. From anime to simulators to retro shooters, everything is here.

Another week like this and I might as well get a medical leave because how else am I supposed to play all of these games? Seriously, look at the list below and tell me how on earth are we going to find the time to play all of them. I guess we won’t, so pick carefully since this year is just getting started.

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters – January 28 / Headup, WhisperGames

The Coma 2

The Coma is back with a new terrifying chapter. The Come 2: Vicious Sisters story-driven side scroller mixes visual novel elements with interactive gameplay that will make you too afraid to ever go to school again. Impeccable artwork matching the jumpscares you’ll be having. Check our Review!

Effie – January 28 / Inverge Studios


Effie is a colorful and upbeat adventure, completely in 3D, aiming to bring back that child that still lives inside you. Yes, that same child that loved platforming games. That’s Effie, a super cool indie title with lots of puzzles and exploration.

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD – January 28 / Loftur Studio

Kofi Quest
Kofi Quest is everything you did not see coming. You’re weak, lazy, and an unlucky videogame character, who ends up being followed by a group of interesting (and equally as pathetic) characters. How’s that for a change?

Power Stealers – January 28 / Intertum

Power Stealers
Power Stealers is a modern take on the classic run and gun genre of the ’90s that popularized home consoles such as the Sega Genesis. I genuinely miss these games, and thankfully the developers at Intertum decided to maintain the design reminiscent of that era. Expect a wave of nostalgia with cool areas and bosses, through the single-player and split-screen campaigns.

Demonheart: Hunters – January 28 / Rolling Crown

Demonheart Hunters
If you don’t know Demonheart, it’s a visual novel released in 2017, and a prequel has emerged titles Demonheart: Hunters. This new title breaks out of the visual novel genre and introduces some RPG mechanics. Don’t let the otome factor fool you, this dark fantasy journey features substantial content presented in an isometric visual style.

Thunder Kid II: Null Mission – January 29 / Renegade Sector Games

Thunder Kid II
Here’s perhaps the biggest surprise this week. It’s a bullet hell, in what I would call 2.5D, but at the same time its a platformer. The game has an exceptional color palette and engaging gameplay through some challenging levels.

The Pedestrian – January 29 / Skookum Art

The Pedestrian
When you think side scroller platformers can’t get any more originals, we’re surprised just like this. The Pedestrian takes the action right into traffic signs, where obstacles, gain a new meaning. Modern and captivating with a refreshing wave of goodness.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! – January 29 / Vertigo Gaming Inc.

Cook Serve Delicious 3
The cuisine adventure is back, this time with a post-apocalyptic setting taking players through a new story. If you loved the first two titles in the series there’s absolutely no reason why you won’t enjoy this new entry. More content with the same quality.

Ministry of Broadcast – January 29 / Hitcents, PLAYISM

Ministry of Broadcast
Ministry of Broadcast features a story-driven narrative that references pop culture as well as the overall self-realization of modern TV. Presented with simple but appealing visuals, Ministry of Broadcast is one to take a look at.

The Secret Order 8: Return to the Buried Kingdom – January 30 / Artifex Mundi

The Secret Order 8
The newest chapter from The Secret Order series is a return to a well-known place by fans. This adventure features over 30 locations and unique puzzles. A good Hidden Object game for fans who can’t let go of a fantasy adventure.

Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy – January 30 / HKikai Digital

Caffeine Victorias Legacy
This week wouldn’t be anything a visual novel crossing our paths now, would it? Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy is a charming adventure where players will make multiple choices in a steampunk Victorian alternate reality, where coffee is all that matters. How can we say no?

Through the Darkest of Times – January 30 / HandyGames

Through the Darkest of Times
A tactical strategy indie game that has been receiving decent feedback, and for a good reason. Play beneath one of the darker stained eras of humanity, while battling for justice and freedom in1933  Berlin.

Not For Broadcast – January 30 / tinyBuild

Not For Broadcast
This one got my attention right when it was announced since I can’t pass on a great simulator that throws new ways for me to play as a God. Not For Broadcast is a narrative-driven propaganda simulator, where your decisions as a station director will dictate the result of the nation. Censorship or Anarchy, your choices will have an outcome but don’t worry, I heard they are paying you either way.

ELDERBORN – January 30 / Hyperstrange

Tired for waiting for Doom Eternal? Well, here’s an alternative, Elderborn. Doesn’t have guns or laser rays, but according to the developers, it’s a great “Slasher with brutal FPS melee combat with souls-like/RPG character progression.”

Living Legends: The Crystal Tear Collector’s Edition – January 31 / Big Fish Games

Living Legends
Developed by 4Friends Games, Living Legends: The Crystal Tear is a hidden object game and expands the series to a new chapter. This edition contains an extra bonus chapter and lots of goodies.

Null & Peta -Invasion of the Queen Bug- – January 31 / HOBIBOX, ShiraVN

Null Peta Invasion of the Queen Bug
I could write a really good description of this game, and I mean a really good one, the best one you could ever read. But it wouldn’t be as good as the full artical about it, written by Azario Lopez.

Sakura Knight – January 31 / Winged Cloud

Sakura Knight
Ah! I bet you were thinking we would be living this Weekly Indie without mentioning Sakura Knight? No way! You’ve obviously new to Noisy Pixel, but let me remind you: We love this series. Winged Cloud is back with another game, a comedic yuri Visual-Novel, with all the usual cuteness and unbelievably outstanding artwork.

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