Last Week on Indie Steam – Indie Visual Novels, PS Vita Ports, and Much More

Another week passes by us, and it’s been filled with fantastic and promising Indie Games on Steam. There’s almost every type of game for each person out there, and I’m 100% sure you’ll fall for two or more games.

For this second week, the list is probably more extended from what you’d expect… But we couldn’t just let some games slip off the shelf. Worry not, though. This list is curated by me! With over 20 years of experience in weird games, I have grown an exceptional eye for spotting a great indie a mile away.

Sit back, relax, and browse our recommended entries, perhaps you missed a couple. With the Lunar New Year, it’s only natural for steam to tease you with the major stuff, but we have eyes everywhere, including for those hidden gems out there.

Guiding Light – January 20 / Corner Office Games

Guiding Light

Who doesn’t like to save cute little aliens? Well, we assume they are the “good” king of aliens. Nobody wants to save Xenomorph! Guiding Light is a straight-up Co-Op game, with two players being required to play. The idea is to communicate and interact to overcome the obstacles together. A fantastic little indie game that reminds us how we can reach for the stars cooperatively.

Secret City: Chalk of Fate Collector’s Edition – January 20 / Big Fish Games

Secret City Chalk of Fate
I’m usually drawn to these games like a magnet, but every time I have a free hour, an excellent Hidden Object Game always feels right. Developed by the well-known studio Domini Games, this HoG mixes detective work with fantasy, in a colorful and appealing adventure. This is the Collector’s Edition, so expect a few extras, including an expansion.

Together – A Wish No One Remembers – January 20 / Hangover Cat Purrroduction

Together A Wish No One Remembers
This simple Visual-Novel is all about dealing with past emotions and slowly walking for a better future. Although both renders and backgrounds are simple, Together is a simple and enjoyable game, that fans might enjoy, featuring multiple endings.

Kili’s treasure – January 20 / Siddharth Sivaraman

Kilis treasure
A cute yet straightforward treasure hunter. The levels are well built and smooth to the eyes. This shouldn’t take more than an hour of gameplay, but for those who can’t pass on a title that plays out with your curiosity, well, here it is. Simple and relaxing.

DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game – January 21 / PLAYISM

DEEEER Simulator
DEEEER Simulator is a take on the Goat Simulator formula, but with a different design direction, and obviously, with a deer! It’s pretty much what you’d expect: Hours of chaotic gameplay, that can generate awesome gifs to share with your friends on Discord. What else could you possibly want?!

Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure – January 21 / Branching Narrative Ltd

Deathtrap Dungeon
With excellent narration by Eddie Marsan, Deathtrap Dungeon is a pretty much a virtual board game, like Dungeons & Dragons. However, its setting creates a grand atmosphere by having a superb narration and immersive gameplay.

Kika & Daigo: A Curious Tale – January 21 / Big Fat Cat Studio

Kika Daigo
A cute split-screen adventure, with both characters having an essential role in this adorable adventure. A girl and her fluffy corgi journey in search of grandpa, with cool visuals and solid gameplay. But that’s not all. Do you know the best part? It’s free! No excuses to miss it.

OUTTA GAS – January 21 / Good Steward Games

Do you miss Duke Nukem? Well, OUTTA GAS is probably for you then. Badass, and leaves no monster behind. This little indie game got my attention for a specific reason; it uses the simplistic art in an ingenious way, as you can destroy tiles, yes, graphical tiles. It’s turn-based combat with a personality, alongside the strong language!

Ether Loop – January 21 / Huiyin Studio

Ether Loop
There’s something about pushing your limits that every gamer always felt at some point, like a rush that usually only lasts for a brief moment. Well, in Ether Loop, the rush never ends. A game that pushes reflexes and fast thinking at every corner. Fast gameplay and intense moments. Oh, and the music? Top-tier!

Alien Shooter 2 – The Legend – January 22 / Sigma Team Inc.

Alien Shooter 2 The Legend
Alien Shooter 2 re-worked and tweaked, with new areas and lots of gear. If you never played the original, here’s another great chance to jump into the series. Does this mean the other two games are going to be re-released as well? What about Zombie Shooter? Well, only time can tell.

A Space For The Unbound – Prologue – January 22 / Toge Productions

A Space For The Unbound Prologue
The prologue to one of my anticipated indie games of early 2020, A Space For The Unbound. A title that deals with strong emotions in the late ’90s, an era with changes across beautiful pixel graphics and a sweet story. The prologue It’s just 15 to 20 minutes of gameplay, but it’s been well received, and it’s free!

Utawarerumono Bundle – January 23 / DMM GAMES, ShiraVN

Utawarerumono bundle consists of the two already released games; Mask of Deception (2015) and Mask of Truth (2016), both PS Vita ports, finally found their way into the PC market. This bundle also contains DLC’s and plenty of fan-service!

Highly Likely – January 23 / Mikola Games

Highly Likely
I think it’s highly likely you’ll enjoy this one. It’s still in early access, but that doesn’t mean much these days. What we know is that Highly Likely is a fun adventure, and it’s only getting better — featuring the right doses of humor and fun gameplay.

AshenForest – January 24 / PsychoFlux Entertainment

Here’s an interesting one, a roguelike adventure with creepy monsters, and wait, is it entirely black and white? It is, now that’s new. AshenForest got the best of me probably by its non-stop boss action and overall aesthetics. An exciting side scroller without a doubt.

Submersed – January 24 / Main Loop videogames S.L.

Video-Games are filled with dangerous monsters, but so is our real world. Did you know Sharks can be scary too? No, seriously, they are, and you’ll find out how much with Submersed. Winner of Best Basque Game, this one has a tremendous potential to be scary for all the right reasons.

The Unseen Fears: Ominous Talent Collector’s Edition – January 24 / Big Fish Games

The Unseen Fears Ominous Talent
From the developers of the Whispered Secrets series, The Unseen Fears: Ominous Talent follows the lead that takes you into a veil of mystery and unimaginable danger. Another Collector’s Edition with tons of bonuses and amazing visual quality. It’s been a fantastic week for fans of Hidden Object Games!

Errant Kingdom (Prologue) – January 24 / Lunaris Games

Errant Kingdom
Although it’s only the prologue, Errant Kingdom has been well received, and it’s shown promising support from the developer. This dating-sim features an elegant art and diversity in its storyline.

Is the President a Traitor? – January 25 / Some Hominid Games

Is the President a Traitor
Is Your President a Traitor? Well, you’re racing against the clock to uncover all the clues and set the truth once and for all. I always loved how some indie games could make me feel like my daily life routine actually mattered. Well, this is another one of those games where I’ll snoop around people’s lives, and actually feel good about it!

Bloom – January 25 / Cyberius Dei

Games like Bloom reminds me of my youth, where shooters like Painkiller made my day a lot better. Shoot demons and monsters with machine guns and shotguns! Plus, heavy-metal. Bloom aims to deliver just that, in a simple and straightforward path of violence, blood, guts, and fun!

Have we missed an indie game? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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