Narrative Adventure ‘Last Time I Saw You’ Gets New Trailer Highlighting Gameplay and Characters

Narrative Adventure ‘Last Time I Saw You’ Gets New Trailer Highlighting Gameplay and Characters

Chorus Worldwide released a new trailer for the Maboroshi Artworks-developed narrative adventure game Last Time I Saw You, coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in Q3 2024. The game currently has a demo available on Steam, and the developer has confirmed the Alpha build is currently complete, but more development is required before a release date is provided.

The new trailer highlights gameplay and characters from the title, which showcases the hand-drawn characters and environment. Further, viewers get the chance to see some of the adventure elements and character interactions.

Last Time I Saw You is a magical coming-of-age narrative adventure game centered around 12-year-old Ayumi. Players guide Ayumi as he grapples with his dreams and emotions, encountering a mysterious girl in his sleep who plays a pivotal role in his journey of adolescent self-discovery. Set against the backdrop of a looming typhoon, the game weaves a story that ties the girl’s appearance to a terrible curse threatening Ayumi’s hometown.

The game is set in a vibrantly imagined vision of late 1980s Japan and offers a rich, uplifting story about love and acceptance. Players explore both mystical and emotional relationships and delve into a world filled with complex characters. The game’s magic realism is further accentuated by its hand-drawn, traditionally animated settings and characters inspired by Japanese mythology. Throughout the adventure, Ayumi encounters various intriguing figures, ranging from school friends and townsfolk to mythical creatures like samurai crows and kleptomaniac kappas. Last Time I Saw You combines light action, environmental puzzles, side quests, and collectibles, supporting a narrative that is both heartwarming and nostalgically reflective of a bygone era.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Last Time I Saw You.

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