Laplacian Share Character Profiles for Cyanotype Daydream’s Cases 1 and 2 Protagonists

Laplacian Share Character Profiles for Cyanotype Daydream’s Cases 1 and 2 Protagonists

Laplacian has shared some information on the characters for Cyanotype Daydream through their official English Twitter account. These introductions are for the main characters in Cases 1 and 2, with Case 3 likely coming tomorrow. Cyanotype Daydream will be released on Steam in a new all-ages edition on February 10.

Cyanotype Daydream is divided into four cases, each of which covers different men and women who fall in love with each other. These stories all happen in different ages and locations, following settings from other Laplacian games like Newton and the Apple Tree. However, the three initial stories end up converging into Case-0, which reveals the true nature of the world.

For Case-1, the story features Hatano Rin, a young girl who’s the daughter of a popular writer. She also loves literature just like her father who has recently died. Though she is quiet and aloof, there’s something about her that completely enraptures her teacher, who’s much older than her.

Cyanotype Daydream Rin

On the other side, we have her 45-year-old adjunct professor, Arishima Kaoru. His life has turned into an empty, dull routine. A long time ago he dreamed about becoming a novelist but all his passion disappeared over time and his marriage has become a loveless endeavor to just stay together. However, all the feelings he’s been repressing over the years will come back once he learns more about one of his students.Cyanotype Daydream Case01 4

Case-2 takes place in Tenbridge and covers the story of a young man called William Shakespeare. This reimagination of the young scriptwriter has him running a failing pub and only creating plays as a side job. His story takes place when he meets a young woman called Olivia.

Cyanotype Daydream Case02 3

Olivia Berry is a passionate fan of the theatrical arts. She has a fiery attitude and a sharp tongue, and absolutely nothing can stand in the way of her dream of performing on stage. While she may be proud and act harshly at times, there’s also a vulnerable side to her.

Cyanotype Daydream Olivia Berry

These character profiles are also further detailed on the game’s official website, which covers more details of these characters’ backstories and motivations. We’ll keep you updated as Laplacian shares more information on Cyanotype Daydream, likely also covering the characters in the third case tomorrow.

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