Lapis x Labyrinth Gets Best Character Combination Details by NIS America Staff

Lapis x Labyrinth Gets Best Character Combination Details by NIS America Staff

Everyone has a favorite character — those that say they don’t ‘pick favorites’ are lying, let’s be honest. Picking a favorite isn’t easy, especially when there are so many characters to choose from that each has something about them that makes them special. However, this is the fortunate dilemma that we’ll all end up running into with NIS America’s upcoming action hack-and-slash game Lapis x Labyrinth — coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch on May 28.

With eight distinct characters classes that each have their own special abilities and attacks in Lapis x Labyrinth, players are going to be tasked with coming up with a towering, stacked-up squad of only four characters that best fits their playstyle. Every character pick will have certain benefits and consequences, and the NIS America team knows this to be true, firsthand. Curious to know the team’s thoughts on Lapis x Labyrinth‘s characters, we took a moment to ask some of the NIS America crew which character combination is best along with which character they love the most.

Jon Chang – Localization Editor

Best character combination: Hunter, Destroyer, Maid, and Shielder

“There definitely is a lot of freedom in how you make up your team composition and my personal favorite is usually melee and mobility type characters, so I really like Hunter. She’s really fast, deals a lot of damage, and is really safe as well. She’s good at dodging attacks, which is really important, especially when going through the later dungeons.”

“However, she’s not really good at dealing with a large number of enemies though, so I like to bring out Destroyer since he has a lot of range and deals a lot of damage with his attacks. I also like to take the Maid because she’s really fun and synergizes well with other characters. Also, since her attacks apply debuffs on enemies — making them weaker and easier to take out — she gets a little more technical. Taking Shielder is good too because he’s really tanky and he has shield items which give his team a lot of defense and extra stats, so he’s super useful. For me, an all-around team is best.”

Favorite character: Maid

“It’s definitely the Maid, for sure. She’s the most quirk and cute — the one that’s different among the rest since she has abilities that are much different. I mean, she attacks people with a frying pan and throws food out, and she’s so cute to watch when she does anything.”

Lapis x Labyrinth

Carissa Smith – Quality Assurance / Game Tester

Best character combination: Gunner, Shielder, Destroyer, and Maid

“Most of the game, my perma-squad was Gunner, Shielder, Destroyer, and Maid. Gunner and Destroyer being the offensive members of my team, and then Shielder’s the tank because he absorbs a lot of damage. Maid is in there because she’s the cutest one, which is all I needed to have her on my team. But, when the game did get more difficult, I did have to switch her out for Bishop since she has healing abilities, and even has an ability where she can make you invulnerable for a certain amount of time.  It was pretty tragic when I took out the Maid, though.”

Favorite character: Maid/Destroyer

“Aesthetically, the Maid, but gameplay-wise, the Destroyer by far.”

Justin La Torre – Copy Editor

Best character combination: Destroyer, Hunter, Hunter, Shielder

“Since I like to get into enemies faces in games like this, so Destroyer and Hunter are two of my favorites because they can smash and slash it up. Maybe I’ll add a Shielder if I want to be defensive.”

Favorite character: Destroyer

“I’m gonna have to go with my boy, Destroyer. He has a massive weapon, hits everything on the screen, and is just so satisfying.”

Lapis x Labyrinth

Erin Kim – North America Media Relations

Best character combination: Shielder, Destroyer, Hunter, Maid

“The combination is just great overall: Shielder is a tank, Destroyer does high damage, Maid for healing, and Hunter’s great for all-around attacking.”

Favorite character: Destroyer/Witch

“So I would say when we first had our kickoff meeting in the office to introduce this title to the staff and see what it’s all about, we checked out the Japanese trailer for it and I saw Destroyer. I don’t know if it was like love at first sight, but I just really like the character design — I love the little horns, his face is obscure with his little glowing eyes, and I always dig characters with scarves and his scarf is great.”

“Also, later on in the game, I really like the Witch. Since we use Slack here at work, I made a custom emoji of the Witch’s face with her really big-eyed, bugged out expression and it’s just very good to use for many situations or conversations, haha.”

Lapis x Labyrinth

Travis Shrodes – Marketing Supervisor

Best character combination: Gunner, Gunner, Gunner, and Gunner

“I’m really into overwhelming firepower, so you gotta make sure to at least have one gunner on your team. Now, you’re also going to want someone that has really good support, to sort of, fill out the rest of the team, so I always have another gunner on my team. Then, of course, you want to have a little bit of diversity in there, someone that can do a long range attack, so I add another gunner to my team. Sometimes, I think of when I need healing, especially later on in dungeons, but then I think “Well, I need four gunners on my team” and just have another gunner instead. Just guns EVERYWHERE.”

“But really, I just love how the combination causes a lot of mayhem on the screen, which is what I love about the game — how ridiculous it can get.”

Favorite character: Gunner

Lapis x Labyrinth

Each character makes a strong case for being a part of the player’s party. However, based on what the NIS America staff shared, it’s clear that players will need to choose characters that can work well together and switch characters quickly if they hope to get through some of the more difficult dungeons in the game.

Every player, though, will find characters that they like best — whether it be because of skills, attributes, weapons, playstyle, or even looks. Given that players can also customize their characters, such as changing their hairstyle and voice, it’s easy to say that all players will definitely have a favorite character.

Lapis x Labyrinth takes place in a small kingdom that has encountered low financial times. However, all hope is not lost since the kingdom just so happens to be sitting on a trove of treasure. Players will journey into the Labyrinth in search of all the riches they can carry with a customized crew of adventurers.

If you want more, you can check out our previous preview of the game.

Lapis x Labyrinth makes its way to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on May 28.

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