Mobile SRPG ‘Langrisser’ Launches Collaboration With Trails in The Sky

ZlongGames announced that their free-to-play mobile SRPG Langrisser Mobile has gone live with a brand new update which adds a crossover event with the Trails in the Sky series.

Titles, Major Update 5, Langrisser players can jump in and enjoy new content as well as a new crossover event. This event allows players to pull two new SSR heroes from the Trails in The Sky series. The event is available from June 13 through June 26.

  • Estelle – A Braces and daughter of an S-level Bracer named Cassius. She utilizes a long staff in combat and she is typically up to no good. However, she is determined, hopeful, and sincere and a good fit for any party.
  • Joshua – A Brace who is the adopted son of the S-level Brace named Cassius. While he’s not exactly family, Joshua is brought to Estelle after a confrontation at a young age. Joshua is a great fighter and in debt of Cassius’ good nature.

A special note from the developer:

  • Estelle and Joshua can only be obtained through the limited-time Enter the Bracer summoning event and cannot be obtained from other summoning banners.
  • After the limited-time Enter the Bracer summoning event ends, Estelle and Joshua will not become available to summon via the normal hero summoning banner.
  • After the limited-time summoning event ends, you will be able to gather Memory Shards for these two heroes from their Gate of Fate stages, providing that you have obtained them first.

Additionally, there’s a new limited-time event called Trails in Time, which allows players to play through a new challenge. During the event, players can defeat enemies in the Secret Realm’s Trail in Time FC stage to increase their event score and acquire rewards. This is also where players can have a chance to get the SR hero Klose and the limited-edition White Magnolia Avatar Frame.

Also, Love Confessions will be available for SSR Liana, SSR Tiaris, SR Chris.

Langrisser Mobile is available now on iOS and Android devices.

In case you missed it, check out our impressions of the game.

You can watch the new trailer for the event below:

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