Langrisser Mobile Takes a Break From Throwing Shade at Fire Emblem and Reveals Release Date

ZlongGames announced that their gatcha mobile game Langrisser Mobile will launch on January 22, for iOS and Android devices.

Langrisser Mobile mixes up the story of the Langrisser series that stretches across 1991’s Langrisser to 1998’s Langrisser V: The End of Legend. The mobile version of the game will feature tactical gameplay elements that the series is known for and the ability for players to create units as well as level them up and equip them. Additionally, players will be able to summon new units, like most gatcha games.

Graphics in the game feature newly drawn illustrated versions of the characters in story scenes as well as chibi versions during battles and while moving units.

The game will release globally, the January 22 release date is only for: USA,UK,Germany,France, Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Ireland,Poland,Romania,Holland,Greece,Czechia,Hungary,Sweden,Bulgaria,Denmark,Finland,Slovak,Croatia,Lithuania,Slovenia,Cyprus,Malta,Belgium,Austria,and Luxembourg

Other countries will launch at a later date.

Funny enough, most players have seen adds for Langrisser Mobile where they boast that they are “more fun” than Fire Emblem, a popular console, and mobile SRPG series. Check out the ads below and also the new trailer for Langrisser Mobile:

Author’s take: There are so many games coming out in January, this probably should have to wait a month, but hey, will I get it? Yes probably, but that’s not the point!

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