Langrisser I & II Brings Solid Classic SRPG Action to Modern Gamers, But Also Waifus

The Langrisser series isn’t too well known in the west, but it has a stable fanbase. That said, I believe that fans of classic SRPG titles would be wise to at least look into it. Now, some might think of the 2015 release on 3DS, Langrisser Re: Incarnation Tensei, but let’s just forget about that entry.

The upcoming release of  Langrisser I & II marks a new start for the series in the west. Fans of the genre now have a chance to play a working version of both titles using classic or remastered visuals. Considering these games released in the early ’90s, the series could use a jump start by returning to its roots.

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Langrisser I & II are each strategy RPGs that each tell a standalone story. While the games are based within the same word, they take place centuries apart, what they have in common is a sword known as Langrisser.

This sword enhances the power and strength of its wielder, making them almost unstoppable in battle. The two stories follow Ledin and Elwin, who look widely similar, on their path to protect the ones they love and keep the Langrisser away from evildoers.

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Given the age of these games, you can expect the stories to focus on the hero coming in and saving the day. Although their are roadblocks in their journey, the classic heroes’ tale is front-and-center. For me, this is somewhat nostalgic since these types of fantasy stories are what I grew up on.

Still, I don’t think you need to take my word for it, Langrisser released on the Sega Master System as Warsong in the west and is regarded as one of the best SRPGs available. It’s undoubtedly true these games are quality, but the updated visual presentation definitely allows them to fit into this modern space. The biggest hurdle is finding a fanbase.

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Gameplay revolves around players guiding their commanders, who each have a handful of units under their orders. To streamline the game, players can move the commander only, and the rest of the units will follow when you end the turn. They will also automatically attack any enemy they are next to in some cases. Over time, commanders gain levels, and a skill tree is accessible where players can choose things like classes and unique abilities to fit their playstyle.

When a unit encounters and enemies, they transition to a head-to-head in a fight. Some units are stronger than others, so have a diverse army is suggested. Also, some units move across specific terrain easier or move long distances. These are all things you need to take into consideration when entering a battle because fights can be incredibly long. During a stage, various story events occur where more enemies pop up, or the environment might somehow change.

Additionally, players need to make some tough choices during gameplay, such as who to enlist and what path to take. This idea of choice also finds its way into the story as players can kill some enemies who might have been better off spared; either way, it’s your adventure. Still, players can backtrack if they wish to make a different choice.

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I know, talking about all this nerdy stuff is kind of tough to digest, well that’s why there’s waifus who join your team throughout the story who each kickass. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some hunky guys here too, so no one should feel left out. However, there’s not much of a dating system here since that feature wasn’t implemented into the series until Langrisser III, but who’s to say that one can’t be remastered too?

I know, I grabbed your attention with the waifu talk, but I’m sure you stayed for the Langrisser details as well. If you’re a fan of SRPGs, then it might be good to give the demo a try when it launches soon.

Langrisser I & II is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam on March 10, in North America, and March 13 in Europe, and March 20 in Australia and New Zealand.

For now, enjoy the gameplay below:

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