Action Adventure ‘La-Mulana 2’ Reveals Tower of Oannes DLC Coming Later This Year

Playism announced they will publish the upcoming DLC for the Nigoro-developed 2D action-adventure La-Mulana 2 in 2021 title Tower of Oannes.

La-Mulana 2: The Tower of Oannes is new a new adventure within La-Mulana 2 where players will revisit the ruins of Eg-Lana after the discovery of survivors from a tribe thought to be extinct. Exiled from Eg-Lana for lacking the required intelligence, the 4th Children have broken the seal to unleash an invincible power.

The new Tower of Oannes is a highly difficult tower that will test players on their adventuring skills. This requires them to be good at the battle system and solving puzzles that block progression.

The publisher adds:

This is no walk in the park. Boss or not, every single enemy you come across is a challenge in itself. Observe your enemies to identify their weaknesses. Never stop challenging yourself until the end, as that sense of achievement like nothing you have ever experienced before is only reserved for those who don’t give up.

La-Mulana 2 finds players taking on the role of Lemeza’s daughter Lumisa Kosugi, who enters Eg-Lana to find her father. This is an upside-down version of the previous map with many more challenging moments of exploration and adventure.

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La-Mulana 2: The Tower of Oannes is coming to PC-via  Steam in 2021.

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