Kurtzpel Sacred Guardian Impressions – Spending Time With Lime

In my previous demo impressions of Kurtzpel, I mentioned that the game had a good foundation and overall concept that still needed some additions and polish to make it something extraordinary. Since then, KOG Games has added copious amounts of changes and additional features that have gradually made Kurtzpel into a more robust offering for both PvP and PvE players.

Their newest addition to the game, which I was recently invited to try out in their test server, is the Sacred Guardian update. This update features the character Lime Serenity from their other well-known game Grand Chase. Also introduced is the new Sacred Guardian Karma, which is the first Karma in the game to feature the ability to heal and resurrect allies.

While I have not put that many hours into Kurtzpel since my initial demo impressions, I immediately saw the addition of this Karma class as a big deal in both PvP and PvE. The introduction of healing and resurrection adds a lot to the way you can approach combat and adds a lot of variety when it comes to team composition and character customization.


While the Sacred Guardian Karma’s main features are its heal and ability to resurrect, Karma also has a lot of useful combat abilities. “Hammer Smash,” “Gigantic Swing,” and “Crusade” are all abilities that stun and either push away or pull in enemies. These skills, combined with one of the Sacred Guardian’s Unique Karma Crystals “Ultimate Hammer,” which unleashes continuous damage to the surrounding area, makes the Sacred Guardian a formidable melee Karma.

Since Kurtzpel allows you to switch between two weapons actively in combat, I found that pairing the Sacred Guardian alongside any other range damage Karma to be useful. Doing this allowed me to be able to dish out damage at a range and lock down or push away enemies that get too close to myself or my allies.

During my time playing with the development team, I was also able to see a lot of the features added to the game since my initial impressions. With the addition of the Sacred Guardian, the game now features six total Karma that players can choose from with Dual Soul being the most recent before the Sacred Guardian. The team has added more game modes on top of the base two-player PvP and PvE modes. Kurtzpel now features an 18-player survival mode, a 6-player raid boss mode, and a boss rush mode. The team also plans on adding many more Karma and game modes down the line, which is exciting.


I enjoyed my time playing with the Sacred Guardian Karma, and I think it’ll be useful for both PvP and PvE players. The only downside that I can see is that people who want to play the new Karma immediately will have to pay for the DLC. Otherwise, they will have to grind out the game to unlock it for free. That aside, I think the Karma itself is refreshing and should be obtained by those that can get it.

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Brian Lee

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