Action MMORPG ‘KurtzPel’ is Now Available Worldwide; Gets a Global Launch Trailer

Action MMORPG ‘KurtzPel’ is Now Available Worldwide; Gets a Global Launch Trailer

KOG Games has announced that the anime-inspired action MMORPG KurtzPel is now available worldwide as it’s launched in Europe and Asia via Steam Early Access.

Since the Steam Early Access launch for North and South America, which was on April 30, KurtzPel has received a slew of nice updates and there’s even more on the horizon, with some updates even being added today.

The following updates will be implemented globally in today’s launch:

  • Character Stat redistribution, using CP (in-game currency)
  • Supply Boxes! When players gather AP (Mastery) respective to each Box Type, players can purchase that Supply Box with CP (in-game currency)
  • Advanced Supply Box Rates and contents have been adjusted; each Weapon Advanced Supply Box will have four new weapons
  • 2 new types of PvP missions are available: ‘Practice Probatio’ and ‘Official Probatio’
    • ‘Practice Probatio’ includes 3 vs 3 death match, Capture the Flag, and Conquest modes and allows players to PvP without affecting their rank
    • ‘Official Probatio’ includes 2 vs 2 death match and Capture the Flag modes.
    • Conquest Mode is coming soon to ‘Official Probatio’
  • Players can now inspect other players by selecting “View Player Info”
  • Players will know when they slay their opponent via the new ‘Kill Log’
  • ‘Screenshot Mode’ allows players to hide the UI to take better screenshots
  • Weapons max modification count is increased by 1
  • Karmas (weapons) are now obtained on the first Epic Mission and Karma Crystals (skills) are rewarded for completion of the second and third Epic Missions

Being the spiritual successor to the publisher’s other title GrandChaseKurtzPel allows players to join together two separate trade/job classes to create a custom character that fits their playstyle. Players can swap out weapon paths, known as Karma, during a battle in order to take advantage of the situation or enemy weaknesses.

In case you missed it, check out our impressions from the game’s closed beta.

To celebrate the global launch of KurtzPel, here’s the global launch trailer below:

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