Adventure Visual Novel ‘Kurokami-sama no Bansan’ Coming West to PC and Switch

Minato Carnival World revealed their new adventure visual novel Kurokami-sama no Bansan. The game is set to release on Nintendo Switch in 2022 and on PC-via Steam on January 21, 2022.

The game will feature text support for Japanese, English, and Chinese. A trailer was also released giving potential players a preview of the characters and dark themes.

Kurokami-sama no Bansan begins with the protagonist, who belongs to the Society for the Study of the Unusual. One day, he meets a real “Kurokamisama”, who demands that he gives some of his life force on a regular basis because only they will be able to confront the infestation of monsters plaguing his world. There is, however, one way to defeat the Kurokamisama, and that is by winning her heart. But what awaits him at the end…is it death? Or is it―”

Translation Notes (Angelus Victor):
Society for the Study of the Unusual = best translation for 怪異研究会
Kurokamisama = Literally means Black Goddess in here, but given the term is in Katakana, that there are images of a Kurokamisama herself, and the “English title” at the bottom of the Japanese logo leaves the term as is, I just left it like that.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Kurokami-sama no Bansan.

For now, you can check out the trailer:

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