Dark Fantasy Eroge ‘Kuroinu 2 Redux’ Gets November Release Date

Shiravune has announced the visual novel Kuroinu 2 Redux will be available in English on November 6, 2023. This dark fantasy eroge is a sequel to Kuroinu Redux, having received its original Japanese release in 2018 and then a Japanese Redux (“Kuroinu 2 Kai”) edition in 2021.

As was the case for the first game, it’ll be published on PC via Steam, which likely means a very sanitized edition that significantly cuts content from the game. For those who want to have everything intact just like the Japanese edition, Johren will include an 18+ edition and a patch, keeping mosaics intact in both cases.

Many years after the events of Kuroinu Redux, a land known only as the Nation has become a prosperous but corrupt country under the rule of Empress Ladomira. Trying to maintain her position, she spreads tragedy to the neighboring lands, forcing them to join forces into a Holy Alliance.

Their combined force would have been enough to return peace to the land but Ladomira’s army is commanded by Derek Rondo, a young man regarded as the second coming of the Mercenary King Vult, the protagonist of the first game. In fact, they really resemble each other.

However, just like Vult, this man has a deep desire, a greed that isn’t easily satisfied. He wants not only to defeat his enemies but also usurp the throne. Corruption and depravity are certainly to follow as he gets what he aims for.

Kuroinu 2 was originally made in 2018 and its “Redux” edition released in Japan in 2021. The illustrations were made by Hikagi Eiji, who has also worked on the Koihime series. The story was originally planned by Mio Korehito who was an assistant writer in Maggot Baits.

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