Insanely Challenging Rhythm Platformer ‘Krimson’ Revealed for PC in New Trailer

PM Studios announced they will publish the CryingPsycho-developed rhythm platformer Krimson on PC via Steam in Q4 2022.

Krimson is pretty much set in a nightmare where players must use quick reflexes, patience, and thoughtful gameplay skills to succeed. The action is backed by an industrial techno dubstep metal soundtrack that interacts with and enhances the gameplay. This is one of those “One wrong move kills you” games.

The gameplay is Krimson relies on the rhythm where players navigate dangerous levels that appear to be a glitchy mess of hell and blood. All the platforms, obstacles, hazards, objects, and rules change in sync with the music for over 2-hours of gameplay. The developer encourages players to use headphones while playing.

Here are the bullet points:

  • A blood-soaked organic and demonic setting filled with red, complemented by dirty distorted electronic tunes
  • A sharp, filthy, grungy, and ruthless industrial setting accompanied by grungy industrial musical madness
  • A psychedelic LSD-fueled acid trip that gets trippier with techno, acid, and dubstep beats
  • A brain-melting, eye piercing, hot molten metal madness of fire and lava with the most brutal destructive devastating argent metal strong enough to melt ears

Krimson will be at PAX West 2022 at the PM Studios booth #525.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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