Kodansha Launches ‘Ignistone’ and ‘In His Time,’ Two Indie Games That are Creatively Different But Exceptionally Unique

Kodansha Ltd. is continuing their venture into the publishing world of indies with two releases today. First up, we have the Mono Entertainment-developed Ignistone, available on PC via Steam, followed by the Tearyhand studio-developed In His Time, available on PC via Steam.

Ignistone has players descend into the depths beneath the surface to recover the Ignistone, engaging in one-on-one combat against thieving adversaries. Within this underground realm, players will have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of swords and equip up to eight amulets that enhance their character’s stats. As they navigate through randomly generated caverns, they will encounter formidable enemies, discover rare items, and stumble upon unexpected surprises.

The journey through these underground depths is punctuated by decision points every ten floors. Players must choose whether to ascend to the surface, carrying with them the experience points they’ve gained and the loot they’ve acquired, or whether to venture even deeper into the caves. The deeper they go, the more formidable the adversaries become, guarding the coveted Ignistone.

In His Time is a 2D mystery-solving adventure that delves into themes of longing and the search for a special person. The story follows the protagonist, Olly, a young boy who experienced the loss of his father at an early age. Currently, he lives with his mother, Lyla, who is battling illness, leaving him to shoulder the responsibilities of school and household chores.

At school, Olly faces not only the challenges of academics but also the bullying antics of Bobby, a larger student, and his companions, Mila and Hugo. Daily scoldings from teachers make Olly feel as though the world is closing in on him.

One fateful day, driven by a mixture of fear and defiance, Olly and his bullies trespass into a mysterious mansion. They pilfer certain “parts” of an artwork and attempt to flee, but their actions do not go unnoticed. The mansion’s owner, an elderly man named Joseph, confronts them. Claiming to be a watchmaker, Joseph seeks an explanation from Olly about the stolen “parts” and offers a deal: Olly must retrieve them from Bobby and his friends if he wishes to avoid any repercussions.

We’ll keep you updated on more games to come from this publisher.

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