RPG Adventure ‘Knights of Messiah’ Coming West to PC

Kagura Games announced plans to publish the Circle Gyu developed RPG Knights of Messiah in the west on PC-via Steam.

Knights of Messiah is set in a world of endless bloodshed as the nations that exist within it constantly wage war against each other. In the middle of all the chaos stand the Free Kingdom of Mordona, which is at the brink of war as an invasion from the Valfara Empire brings impending doom to the region. Determined to save her kingdom from the invasion, Princess Alicia stands with her captain, Selies, and they set forth to protect their homeland by fighting off the enemies.

Knights of Messiah aims to give players a classic RPG experience by taking players through a story of heroes and adventure. The game features customizable options so players can keep their character’s strong enough for any encounter. Additionally, the game has an in-depth relationship system and multiple endings.

The developers have noted that Knights of Messiah contain strong language and partial nudity.

The publisher also released some screenshots of the game to give players an idea of the game. Viewers can also get a preview of the game’s RPG battle system.

Currently, there is no release date for Knights of Messiah.

You can check out the new screenshots below:

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