Kirby’s Dream Buffet Details 3 Gameplay Modes, Cosmetics, Unlockables, Multiplayer & More; Launches Next Week

Kirby’s Dream Buffet Details 3 Gameplay Modes, Cosmetics, Unlockables, Multiplayer & More; Launches Next Week

Nintendo has shared an overview trailer for their upcoming 4-player Kirby party game, Kirby’s Dream Buffet, summating its various gameplay systems.

Players can look forward to three game types that share the primary objective of strawberry consumption, with the first being races. These events are rather self-explanatory and consist of rolling through a field while obtaining strawberries, though there are also copy abilities one can use to gain an advantage. For instance, Tornado magnetizes strawberries towards the player while Jelly allows one to slip through walls. Hi-jump is another terrific ability that boasts incredible distance. The first participant to reach the goal will gain a bonus reward of 50 strawberries to enhance their final results.

The second game type is simply minigames. As its name implies, these rapid events have players strive for strawberries in more confined spaces with activities such as breaking boxes and aiming for falling fruit.

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The final game type is Battle Royale, which really needs no introduction. However, while players attempt to knock each other off the platform they reside on, mode-exclusive copy abilities like Drill and Stone amplify Kirby’s combative prowess.

Strawberries have a practical use aside from solely being reward fodder, that being shop currency. Players can spend their strawberries to obtain cosmetics and Kirby color variations, as well as Character Treats which are the player pedestals at the starting line. More playable stages will also be unlocked depending on the total amount of strawberries one has, acting as a brilliant incentive for lengthier playtime.

Regarding multiplayer, customers can look forward to local 2-player co-op, local wireless play, and online play with up to four players worldwide.

You can view the overview trailer for Kirby’s Dream Buffet below:

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is releasing for Nintendo Switch digitally on August 17, 2022.

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