Kirby Shares Scrumptious 30-Year Anniversary Illustration

Kirby Shares Scrumptious 30-Year Anniversary Illustration

The official Japan Twitter account for the Kirby franchise has shared celebratory art for the series ’30-year anniversary, depicting Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and several Dees. I legitimately don’t know if the non-Bandana Dees even have their own names, but I’ll assume they don’t. Again, congratulations to this beloved Nintendo series, and here’s hoping for even further growth throughout the upcoming years.

You can view the tweet initially sharing this 30-year anniversary illustration for the Kirby franchise below:

Kirby and the Forgotten Land  is the newest game in the franchise, bringing it to a new dimension. All previous mainline titles were 2D platformers, even when some of those featured 3D assets. As players get to explore abandoned areas from a past civilization, this will likely add new elements to the dark lore hidden in the series. (This is not a joke.)

Besides being able to move around freely through the stages, Forgotten Land includes the traditional copy abilities. By inhaling enemies, Kirby can copy their powers using distinct movesets to advance through the areas and beat down enemies on his way.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now available on Nintendo Switch. If you missed it, check out our review.

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