Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Adds Two New Heroes for Halloween Event

Neowiz released a new update for free-to-play tactical RPG, Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War, available now on iOS and Android.

Players who boot the game up will find two new characters, Aria, a wizard hero obtained through Hero Summons, and Calypso, a support hero obtained through the Halloween event.

Aria is a five-star hero who uses a wide-ranged attack that inflicts continuous damage over time. she also has a skill that copies the enemy team’s buffs and applies them to herself. Calypso is a four-star hero who can neutralize enemy buffs using a Leader Skill. She also has an ability to heal, but it’s not as good as the other priests.

Players can add Calypso to their team through the Halloween Event happening now. By completing missions, players will acquire Halloween candy to use for special rewards, including Calypso and Gabrial’s Halloween costume.

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is an accessible SRPG with deep systems through turn-based combat. Players will need to use strategy instead of button mashing to win in a fight. Battles take place on a Hexagon Battlefield where players will move units to get the most out of their skillset. Each of the 180 heroes has a unique element and Runes that add to the overall strategy of the match.

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You can check out the event trailer below:

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