Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] Social Media Rebrands to Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link

Following the newest images of the upcoming mobile game Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link, fans have pointed out that the Twitter account for the concluded mobile title, Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross], has been rebranded to Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link.

This is significant because, aside from the recent images, this is the most acknowledgment Missing-Link has received in nearly a year. Currently, the global Twitter account formerly used for Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] still has a banner and profile picture for the previous title, but the username now says “KINGDOM HEARTS Missing Link.” Additionally, the profile description now notes that upcoming title.

With these recent developments, it’s likely we’ll hear some manner of new information on the game soon. We’ll keep you all updated.

Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] but before the events of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. It was announced alongside Kingdom Hearts IV. The story is seemingly set to follow the original player character from the Chi titles on a mission after the tragedy of Daybreak Town to ultimately script the events of Dark Road.

UPDATE 10/26/2023: The English account has changed its icon, @ name, and more, alongside tweeting out a welcome message:

For gameplay information, check out our coverage of the closed beta test.

Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link will launch for mobile devices via iOS and Android at an unknown time.

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