Kingdom Hearts Trends as Fans Debate Which Shortcut Cure Should Go On

Kingdom Hearts Trends as Fans Debate Which Shortcut Cure Should Go On

Recently, Twitter has been abuzz with Kingdom Hearts fans debating a classically contentious subject matter, shortcut commands. For those unaware, most Kingdom Hearts games have functionality allowing players to shortcut magic and items to any of the four face buttons (with only magic possible in the first game).

For reason(s) I don’t understand but am admittedly part of, everyone gets defensive over what their shortcut layout comprises, especially regarding Cure. Kingdom Hearts content creator RegularPat polled people on Twitter, asking about the button they prefer shortcutting Cure on, which is probably where the rampant discussion is rooted this time around.

As a result, countless people have been sharing their two cents and differing opinions despite X (thankfully) winning the poll, with a notable point being brought up by many. In Kingdom Hearts III and Re Mind, you cannot open the menu to alter anything, including shortcuts, when playing as characters other than Sora.

So, a preset layout is given, with Cure being put on…Triangle of all options. This placement has caused no shortage of deaths for many players, me included, but it also brings up the question of whether the development team uses this particular shortcut layout. Granted, it’s not like it really matters, but considering that it’s always seemed like X was the dominant spot for Cure by fans, seeing it officially elsewhere raises a few eyebrows.

Then again, I’m unsure of the Japanese community’s general consensus regarding shortcuts. Maybe they don’t care; honestly, good on them if so. This whole thing is kind of stupid.

Personally, my shortcuts tend to consist of the following:

  • Square – Fire or Blizzard/Reflect (KH2)
  • Triangle – Thunder or Aero
  • Circle – Item
  • X – Cure

My shortcuts are probably some of the least controversial ones, but who really knows at this point?

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