Kingdom Hearts Speedrunner Defeats Yozora Blindfolded

Kingdom Hearts Speedrunner Defeats Yozora Blindfolded

An adept Kingdom Hearts player and speedrunner ViolinGamer has accomplished the astounding feat of defeating the Yozora boss in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind while blindfolded.

For those unaware, the Yozora boss is constantly touted as one of, if not the most difficult boss the series has to offer. It is a fight that requires intense concentration, large degrees of time investment, and understanding of telegraphs to defeat. It is truly one of the most challenging fights the franchise, so doing it blindfolded is obviously absurdly impressive. Huge props to ViolinGamer for accomplishing a seemingly impossible feat.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC introduces new obstacles and bosses to the game and aims to continue the adventure. The publisher released a new trailer that showcases the story and where this adventure will take Sore. Furthermore, fans get a preview of Sora’s new battle form as he must become stronger to take on Organization XIII. The DLC will introduce new bosses in a familiar realm.

In case you missed it, check out our review of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind also be sure to read our feature on how Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Has Better Level Design Than Kingdom Hearts III.

You can view this spectacle of a feat below:

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