Kingdom Hearts Speedrunner Completes Jiminy’s Journal in KH1 Final Mix Across All Difficulties During 18 Hour Stream

The Kingdom Hearts community comprises truly talented individuals, ranging from incredible modders and artists to dedicated speedrunners. One such speedrunner, who goes by Mist, has recently performed a genuinely astounding feat, completing Jiminy’s Journal in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix across all 4 available difficulties in a single 18-hour stream.

For those who aren’t aware, Jiminy’s Journal is a checklist in several Kingdom Hearts games that compiles all of the player’s achievements, enemy encounters, and more. Completing the Journal requires defeating every enemy, collecting all 101 Dalmations, activating every Trinity mark, triggering every mini-game, and collecting every Ansem’s Report. If that sounds time-consuming, that’s because it is.

Now, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix only has 3 selectable difficulties on the main menu, so where does the fourth one come from, you might be wondering. Well, when playing on Proud Mode, players can choose to activate an ability called No Experience, which, as it states, prevents the player from earning any experience from every encounter. This ability is the crux to Level 1 runs, and Mist decided to complete Jiminy’s Journal on that self-imposed difficulty alongside the Beginner, Standard, and Proud difficulties.

Mist did this task on stream a few weeks ago, but I completely missed it. He uploaded a digestible highlights reel of the 18-hour stream, and it is posted below. Congratulations to Mist on succeeding in this almost otherworldly endeavor.

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