Kingdom Hearts Referenced in ‘The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder’ on Disney+; Sora’s Dive to the Heart & Destiny Islands

The eighth episode of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder series on Disney+, “Home School,” inserted rather overt easter eggs to the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The character KG can be seen clearly playing a depiction of the first Kingdom Hearts with Sora on his Dive to the Heart in the game’s introductory sequence. Additionally, KG is quite the invested gamer by having multiple monitors, and these other screens house artwork of Destiny Islands, Sora’s homeworld.

The show’s Production Coordinator, Breana Williams, composed a thread on Twitter detailing these inclusions, viewable below:

Essentially, the staff members are massive JRPG fans, and these references were even included without knowing the episode would launch so closely with the Kingdom Hearts series’ 20-year anniversary. The show’s art director is who even initially suggested the Dive to the Heart. Additionally, Maimuna Venzant detailed the background design, Phillip Light drew the character design, and Eric Guan worked on the background paint.

This marks the second recent reference to the Kingdom Hearts franchise on Disney+, with the first one occurring late last month in a Mickey Mouse short. It’s genuinely awesome to see Kingdom Hearts receive such dedicated referential exposure, and I hope it continues.

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