Kingdom Hearts Director Shares That Re Mind is the First and Last DLC for the Project, as it Leads the Way for the Next Installment

Fans of Kingdom Hearts have probably been spending a lot of time trying to get through the recent Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC. The premium content was added to the game to expand the ending of the story, introduce new features, and present players with some of the most challenging battles that the series has to offer.

Series director Tetsuya Nomura addressed some questions concerning the DLC and the future of the series in an interview with publisher Square Enix. The team passed the question off to the developer if he had plans to add additional DLC to Kingdom Hearts III, and he also doesn’t plan on creating a Final Mix version of the game at this time. This is mostly because the director and his team have “already moved on to the next project.” and added, “Re Mind is will be the first and last” DLC for the game.

In terms of the secret boss, the director shares, “I put my ideas of how the Secret Boss and Episode will lead the way for the next installment into it, although it is probably not possible to work out what that will be from the details that have already been released, even though it might just look like you can.”

The director teases that the title screen from Re Mind teases what’s to come from the series, and it’ll release sooner than you think. As of right now, the team is gearing up to share more from the Project Xehanort, a mobile game that dives into the past of series antagonist, Xehanort.

Additional information shared was how the director initially didn’t feel that Final Fantasy characters would fit into the game’s story but brought them into the Re Mind DLC because fans wanted them.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC introduces new obstacles and bosses to the game and aims to continue the adventure. The publisher released a new trailer that showcases the story and where this adventure will take Sore. Furthermore, fans get a preview of Sora’s new battle form as he must become stronger to take on Organization XIII. The DLC will introduce new bosses in a familiar realm.

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