Kingdom Hearts Gets Parodied by Robot Chicken Explicitly; It’s Pretty Wild Stuff

The American adult animated comedy show Robot Chicken has recently parodied Kingdom Hearts in what is simultaneously one of the most surreal and disturbing sequences I have ever seen.

Twitter user bennybotros shared the clip from the respective episode, Season 11 Episode 8. To be honest, I was not sure if this was legitimate or not, but IMDB lists it, and the episode is on Adult Swim’s official website, so it most certainly is real.

I’d rather not go into detail about this parody because it’s incredibly raunchy, but you can undoubtedly infer and witness the blatant showings of quintessential Robot Chicken humor.

Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Master Xehanort are all present, which is expected, though Master Xehanort looking like Mr. Clean is quite questionable. Then there are the Disney characters who, well, are not exactly like their canonical counterparts. Instead, they are intensely depraved and lacking in conventional morals.

You know, this did get a laugh out of me, but I feel like it’s also a little too blunt for its absurdity to hit effectively. But then again, it did manage to make me laugh somewhat, so I think that says more about my sense of humor more than anything else.

You can watch the link below:

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