Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link Reveals New Trailer; 2024 Release, Closed Beta Sign-Ups This Week

Square Enix has unveiled a new teaser trailer for the upcoming free-to-play mobile title Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link. Several characters, environments, and gameplay features are briefly showcased.

A release window of 2024 for iOS and Android was announced, with closed beta registration becoming available from today until November 19, 2023. Note that it is only specified for the United Kingdom and Australia.

Sign-ups will become available today at 07:00 AM UTC | 10/30/2023 00:00 (PDT).

The closed beta test will support DualShock 4, DualSense, and Xbox controllers.

A total of 5,000 participants will be admitted, with 2,500 each for iOS and Android. Further, the iOS closed beta test will occur between November 29 and December 8, while the Android closed beta test is planned for January 2024.

iOS users must have an iPhone XS or newer with iOS 15 or later installed with 5 GB of free storage. Android users require a phone that has a Snapdragon 845 or equivalent, 4 GB of RAM, 5 GB of storage space, and running Android 10 or later.

In the closed beta test, players can form parties of up to three people with other players within a certain distance. Forming a party offers various advantages, such as challenging raid bosses together or getting a reduced AP cost when teleporting.

Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] but before the events of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. It was announced alongside Kingdom Hearts IV. The story is seemingly set to follow the original player character from the Chi titles on a mission after the tragedy of Daybreak Town to ultimately script the events of Dark Road.

The game will play out similarly to Pokémon Go, with particular functionality also allowing players to enjoy the game in a stationary fashion.

Players explore a map linked to the real world and become stronger through battles and by collecting items called Pieces. By carrying your smartphone, it will be connected to the in-game player’s movement, with battles and pieces that can be automatically collected.

You can also access anywhere in the world without having to move and enjoy the game both on the go and at home. Furthermore, players can also enjoy multiplayer raid battles for up to six players and challenge powerful bosses.

You can view new screenshots from the official website via our gallery below:

For gameplay information, check out our coverage of the Japan closed beta test.

You can view the teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link below:

You can view the English version of the trailer below:

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