Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link Will Assign Players to a Fixed Society, Meaning No Choice

Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link Will Assign Players to a Fixed Society, Meaning No Choice

A special event was recently held for the upcoming mobile game Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link for beta testers, where select Square Enix staff, including Tetsuya Nomura and Ichiro Hazama, discussed the upcoming title.

Eventgoer @rikunami13 shared a notable tidbit from the interview, revealing Nomura confirming that in Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link, the society the player joins will be fixed. This means there will be no free selection for which group you’d like to join, heavily differing from Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross].

This seems like a terrific idea, as it will lead to telling a more focused storyline.

However, it’s worth noting that since this event was private, you’ll have to take these eventgoers and our translations with some grains of salt, even though there wasn’t anything too vitally important stated. Recordings of the event were not allowed, and it seems there is no transcript.

You can view a translation of this exchange below via our team’s Ryuji:

Q. Are Navigators different from Keyblade wielders? Is there a navigator for each of the Societies?

Nomura: They are Keyblade wielders. They just don’t use it. There are no navigators in each of the Societies. Only Freya. And, by the way, this isn’t like Union Cross, where you can choose your favorites. You’re assigned one in the story, and that is fixed.

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Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] but before the events of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. It was announced alongside Kingdom Hearts IV. The story is seemingly set to follow the original player character from the Chi titles on a mission after the tragedy of Daybreak Town to ultimately script the events of Dark Road.

The game will play out similarly to Pokémon Go, with particular functionality also allowing players to enjoy the game in a stationary fashion.

Players explore a map linked to the real world and become stronger through battles and by collecting items called Pieces. By carrying your smartphone, it will be connected to the in-game player’s movement, with battles and pieces that can be automatically collected.

You can also access anywhere in the world without having to move and enjoy the game both on the go and at home. Furthermore, players can also enjoy multiplayer raid battles for up to six players and challenge powerful bosses.

Kingdom Hearts Missing–Link will launch for mobile devices via iOS and Android in 2024.

Kingdom Hearts IV will launch at an unknown time.

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