Kingdom Hearts Missing – Link; All Revealed Information So Far

Following the Kingdom Hearts 20-year anniversary trailer, a variety of news has been released regarding the series’ next upcoming mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Missing – Link, from interviews with Tetsuya Nomura. Our team’s Ryuji translated all of the information presented in this article. Additionally, the aforementioned points are all cross-posted from my coverage via KH13.

Firstly, details on the game were provided during the anniversary event’s Q&A session, listed below:

  • Smartphone game, to be released for Android and iOS
  • Promises to have action elements to be as faithful as possible to the main series
  • Max of 6 players can play together.
  • Screen orientation can be switched between portrait or landscape.
  • The story, chronologically speaking, is between the Union Cross finale and before Dark Road’s start.
  • All of the mysteries we’ve had so far will be explained.
  • Keywords: Scala Ad Caleum, Founding Father Ephemer, Keyblade Wielders of a Secret Society
  • Closed Beta Test is scheduled for Fall of this year (Details on how to enter are still unknown, however)
  • Two systems: A story mode where you progress through quests, and a mode where you walk around (Comparable to Pokémon Go, but with ways to play it even without having to walk around in real life)
  • In the previously mentioned walking mode, you’ll collect pieces and strengthen your Keyblades.

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A Famitsu interview preview was officially released today. Alongside Nomura revealing more details about Kingdom Hearts IV, Missing – Link was also discussed. A translation of the currently available portion of the interview is viewable below. The entire version will be released on April 28, 2022.

Interviewer: Please tell us more about Kingdom Hearts Missing – Link, the game that was announced for smartphones alongside Kingdom Hearts IV’s “Lost Masters Saga”.

Nomura:  The Kingdom Hearts series spans three sagas/arcs in total. You have the Seekers of Darkness Saga that goes until the end of Limit Cut of Kingdom Hearts III and the Lost Masters Saga that will be Kingdom Hearts IV. The third saga is the “χ (chi)” saga, which encompasses Kingdom Hearts chi (* browser game), Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, and finally, Kingdom Hearts: Dark RoadKingdom Hearts Missing – Link is a title that fills in the blanks and it will function as a bridge-like work, connecting two games together. (Translator note: He reiterates how Missing Link is between Union Cross’s finale and the beginning of Dark Road.)

Interviewer: In the trailer, we can see that Brain appears. Will he be the main character?

Nomura:  No, he won’t. The main character will be yourself. Much like Union Cross, the protagonist will be a custom player avatar created by yourself.

Interviewer: Missing – Link seems to be centered on action-packed battles that can also be enjoyed in multiplayer, with the addition of so-called location-based game elements that utilize augmented reality technology. You say that you can move around without actually going out, but in that case, do you perhaps mean that you can move around while moving your character in the game?

Nomura:  Yes. It works similar to Google Street View, where you can tap on the arrows to go forward or back in a street. However, I’ve chosen to make it feel more faithful to the series. (He means as in, you won’t “tap arrows to go forward and back”, like Street View does)

Interviewer: So you can even walk around Okinawa, if you wanted to!

Nomura:  Yes, but if you want to go far, far away, it will take a certain amount of time (laughs), but you can also use points to teleport right to where you want to go.

Interviewer: So if you do not want to walk, you can spend points and teleport wherever you’d like, or you can simply choose not to and walk around yourself. It’s all up to who plays it.

Nomura:  Precisely.

Interviewer: If the game is linked to the real world, does that mean that there will be no Disney worlds?

Nomura: We are experimenting with a variety of things, but depending on the timing, the terrain and atmosphere will be partially based on the Disney worlds motifs. In the early stages of development, we covered the entire map with a texture change, but it seemed like overkill, so we are trying to make it more consistent.

(Translator’s comment: He most likely means that, whenever there’s an event of sorts, the overworld would be covered in a different way.)

Interviewer: Collecting figure-like pieces sounds interesting, and the multiplayer action battles look fun.

Nomura:  We are trying to develop some new things that wouldn’t be normally possible in the main series of games. I hope you look forward to testing those out on the Closed Beta, as it is scheduled for Fall of this year.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

In Kingdom Hearts IV, Sora has found himself in Quadratum with Strelitzia, a prominent character in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. Additionally, this new saga has been titled the Lost Master Arc. Some combat footage is showcased, with Sora performing Keyblade transformations against a giant entity that seems to be a Heartless? We don’t know for sure.

“The heart resides within the soul, which in turn is guided by fate to its rightful place” is a crucial phrase used at the start of this trailer for the upcoming mainline game.

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