Kingdom Hearts IV First Official Song “Reality in the Dark” Fully Uploaded

The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP Box launched in Japan on March 23, 2023, and it contains a plethora of notable tracks from the franchise. However, a wholly new one is “Reality in the Dark,” which played during the Kingdom Hearts IV announcement trailer. Of course, due to the nature of the video, the song’s full majesty could not be heard due to sound effects and such.

However, with the vinyl finally officially available, fans have uploaded the full clean version of “Reality in the Dark,” and it’s fantastic. Despite the grim context Sora has found himself in at the start of this new mainline entry, the track emits evident heroism that honestly heavily reminds me of Olympus, except in a far grander fashion.

The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP Box will ship in North America and Europe on April 2023 and May 2023, respectively.

Kingdom Hearts IV is shown to at least partially take place in Quadratum, a realm dubbed to be “unreality” by the denizens of the Kingdom Hearts’ realm. It is far more realistic in presentation and scope, akin to our real-life world. Quadratum was initially teased in Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, but it was first namedropped in the finale of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

You can listen to the full clean upload of “Reality in the Dark” from the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Vinyl below, via @UmbraMuninn:

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In Kingdom Hearts IV, Sora is in Quadratum with Strelitzia, a prominent character from Kingdom Hearts Union χ. This setting is an afterworld for the two characters following their tragic fates. Additionally, this new saga has been titled the Lost Master Arc. Further, some combat footage was showcased, with Sora performing Keyblade transformations against a giant entity that seems to be a Heartless? We don’t know for sure.

“The heart resides within the soul, which in turn is guided by fate to its rightful place” is a crucial phrase used at the start of this trailer for the upcoming mainline game.

Kingdom Hearts IV is in development with an unknown release date and unconfirmed platforms.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will launch for mobile devices via iOS and Android at an unknown time.

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