Kingdom Hearts III Fan Defeats Yozora Blindfolded On Level 1 Critical Mode With All Pro Codes Enabled

Prominent Kingdom Hearts speedrunner, Violin, has performed yet another commendable feat worthy of acclaim in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. Last year, he defeated the title’s most challenging boss, Yozora, while blindfolded. However, he recently decided to up the ante and put himself through an even rougher wringer. Alongside being blindfolded, Violin managed to defeat Yozora on Level 1 Critical Mode with all Pro Codes enabled, which is practically the most difficult task you can do.

For those unaware, Pro Codes are optional amplifiers added in the Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC that enhance the game’s challenge. Gradual HP loss and an equippable ability cap are some of the grueling restrictions players can enable. And, well, Violin managed to defeat Yozora with every single one of those codes activated. He is also the first recorded person in the world to have achieved such a feat, so immense congrats on a job well done.

You can view Violin’s tweet showcasing his victory against Yozora with all of the aforementioned restrictions below:

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