Kingdom Hearts III Vicennial Trace Mod Updated Significantly For 20-Year Anniversary; Waves of Cosmetic Additions & Alterations

Kingdom Hearts III modders have united to create a significantly updated version of the Vicennial Trace mod. When we last covered this mod, it comprised a Keyblade cosmetic change. However, it has been evolving dramatically. Now, there are three Keyblade cosmetic alterations also providing new hit effect particles, UI recoloring, and much more. Additionally, the following non-Keyblade incorporations have been made, emphasizing the drastic additions to further celebrate the series’ 20-year anniversary:

  • 20th Anniversary Title Screen with Custom Dearly Beloved
  • 20th Anniversary Themed Camp Menu
  • 20th Anniversary Station of Awakening
  • KH2 Sora Outfit Black & Gold Recolor
  • Loading Screens Featuring Data Greeting Image Submissions from the Community
  • 20th Anniversary Crown Cosmetic
  • Yellow/Gold Flowmotion Color
  • Crystal Regalia+ changed to ‘Vicennial Crest’
  • Made all metal pieces on KH3 Sora’s base outfit Gold

This mod is genuinely impressive as it stellarly showcases the love fans have for the Kingdom Hearts series during its 20-year anniversary. This community is incredibly talented in an impressive variety of ways.

For more details regarding this mod’s installation, prerequisites, and more, check out its page on Nexus Mods.

Credit to the following modders for these numerous inclusions:

  • dallin1016
  • Master Leytrx
  • DazeTxO
  • DiamondHuntet
  • YuriLewd
  • Aproydtix
  • ToxicTalus
  • dOgE x Tylom
  • NikoSkipz
  • ExusiaSword
  • ElZboub (French Translation)
  • MrSarix
  • Daz-4th
  • Shikairi (Trailer Editor)

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