Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind Review – Blowing Our Minds Once More

    Title: Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind
    Developer: Square Enix
    Release Date: January 23, 2020
    Reviewed On: PS4
    Publisher: Square Enix
    Genre: Action RPG

I don’t know if I was ever satisfied with the ending of Kingdom Hearts III. As conclusive as it wanted to be, I knew another adventure awaited me. Now, a year later, that adventure has been delivered in Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind. What this DLC offers is an excellent build-up to the game’s conclusion, but it doesn’t stop there by any stretch of the imagination.

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind begins by clearing up the ending of Kingdom Hearts III. As Sora and the guardians of light rushed in to defeat the new Organization XIII, we get a chance to see what was going on behind the current. You see, Sora ends up choosing to save Kairi, which puts his existence at risk. This act is selfless and courageous as we witness the real power of hearts that are connected. This takes us all the way to a conclusion that will leave anyone scratching their head in disbelief, and understandably so.

However, getting their can be a bit of a drag as you’ll have to fight a handful of encounters that you’ve previously fought through. Still, the developer threw in a few twists into the clashes, such as allowing you to play as one of the other characters. These fights are challenging to an extent, but nothing like what awaits you in the later parts of the DLC.

With this new DLC also comes an update system that allows you to new actions in combat. Sora’s speed has significantly increased with the additional abilities available at the beginning of the DLC. Furthermore, the power in which Sora delivers his attacks feels responsive as you can now adjust your combo on the fly and even dodge or block at certain points.

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Following the conclusion of the Re Mind portion of the game, players join up with Riku as he searches for Sora. Everyone is present, even Final Fantasy characters who were absent from the entire Kingdom Hearts III adventure. Cid ends up finding data on Sora and the new Organization XIII, which allows Riku to enter the digital space as Sora and fight each member one on one.

These fights will put any skills that you’ve you mustered throughout your time with the game to the test. They are over-the-top, flashy, and incredibly challenging. Each member has tweaks to their movesets, and improved battle strategies to them feel brand new. Furthermore, some fights even alter the arena to keep you on your toes.

The difficulty of the fights will make you glad that the game contains a diorama mode to pose the characters. This extra relaxing feature was enough to calm my racing heart if only for a few minutes until I had to jump back into the fight.

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Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind turned out to be less of want fans wanted and more of what they needed. The DLC adds layers of challenging action-centric gameplay that the series is known for and combines it with some extra story content as a reward for those that make it through alive. I should also mention that the new soundtrack for the DLC was incredible and made some of the fights difficult due to just how wonderful they are.

Still, I had a hard time justifying the DLC too much based on all the repeated battles that you’ve already played through. I would have enjoyed different encounters that ran alongside the final battles, ones that we didn’t see. Yes, the DLC contains some of those, but I would prefer not replaying through content and rewatching cutscenes. Still, what’s new in this DLC includes the best of what Kingdom Hearts III has to offer.

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If you’re longing for more Kingdom Hearts, then Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind is what you’re looking for. The developer has provided the player a new look at the conclusion of the game to hold them off until more questions are answered, they are ever answered. Thankfully for fans of the series, what’s new in this DLC contains the best of what Kingdom Hearts has to offer, and I’m incredibly glad to have experienced it. If you’re looking for an even greater challenge, then make your way to the secret boss battle featured in the DLC.

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