Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer Developer Teases Upcoming Boss Randomizations

One of the developers for the fanmade Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer, WaterKH, has teased that boss randomizations will be possible in the future. He noted that much time would be needed to incorporate such ambitious functionality, but it will arrive in due time. For those who aren’t aware of the Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer, view our initial coverage of its public launch for details regarding its additions, alterations, and credits.

Boss randomization is a thrilling toggleable feature in several games featuring randomizers. It ups the ante and provides memorable encounters, even if they aren’t necessarily sensical or beneficial to their randomized contexts. The widely played Kingdom Hearts II Randomizer boasts this functionality, so it’s exciting to see the Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer gradually adopt the practice.

WaterKH’s tweet teasing the upcoming addition of bosses in the Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer is viewable below:

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