Kingdom Hearts III Project EQUINOX Fan Mod Impressively Constructs Fully Playable Riku

Kingdom Hearts III is more easily moddable than other Kingdom Hearts entries thanks to it being developed under Unreal Engine 4, a reasonably welcoming software regarding in-game alterations. In the midst of numerous mods for Kingdom Hearts III’s PC version, fans Zay and KurasaNick have been hard at work creating a playable version of Riku that is useable from the start to the end of the title, called Project EQUINOX.

While it still is being continually updated with bug fixes and other inclusions, it is currently in a more than playable enough state. The mod’s title has been changed to Project EQUINOX Enhanced due to the sheer number of ambitious changes being made. In addition to newly added animations, players can utilize several Keyblade transformations and other added cohesions that provide a distinct Kingdom Hearts III experience that heavily differs from the base game. I know I’ll be giving this mod a try sooner or later.

You can download Project EQUINOX via Nexus Mods.

You can view the latest trailer for Project EQUINOX below:

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