Kingdom Hearts III Needs to Calm Down With All The Trailers

Like a lot of you, I’ve been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III for a long time. To date myself, I was 12 when the Kingdom Hearts released back on PlayStation 2. So you can probably guess my excitement when knowing that after 12 years of waiting for a mainline sequel we are so close to the release date, and this time its official after the developer revealed the game has gone gold.

Still, Kingdom Hearts is a series that has kept imagination alive in my life. As some of my favorite RPG series drift away from pure fantasy to adopt a more realistic tone, Kingdom Hearts always seemed to be able to consistently deliver a cartoonish yet epic adventure by fusing two franchises that don’t go together at all, Final Fantasy and Disney.

kingdom hearts III 1

As we approach Kingdom Hearts III’s January 29 release date, fans are left to speculate what is going to happen in this new story. However, I’ve noticed that the closer we get to launch, the more Square Enix continues to release new story trailers. It was one thing to show Aqua at the end of every E3 trailer, but to continue week after week with preview events, character trailers, new worlds, and battle gameplay makes me feel a little burnt out.

I understand that Square Enix wants to ensure that the game is a constant topic between fans and media, but I at this point I think it’s overkill. It was just announced that the publisher will release three more trailers in December so you can expect even more character reveals and gameplay was shown, but that’s not really what I want or need, and I don’t think anyone does.

kingdom hearts III 5

The joy of Kingdom Hearts stems from going into the unknown with little direction, driven by the determination to find your friends in an ever-changing universe while dealing with the cards that fate dealt.  I understand that I could just opt not to watch the trailers, which is pretty tough considering the industry that I’m working in, but that’s like asking me to not drink coffee (which would be very tough). Square Enix should know that fans would much rather spoil the game themselves by watching a new trailer than by overhearing tidbits about them during a conversation with a group of friends or reading it in some message board.

That said I hope that Square Enix is holding back a little and still leaving something for fans discover. I know Kingdom Hearts III is going to be a huge game, but I’m struggling to stay on the same level of amazement that I had after the E3 2018 trailers. These trailers might excite purely Disney fans who have never played the series before, but for me as a fan, I would just like to see one more trailer, the one that drops when the game officially launches.

Kingdom Hearts III is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29, 2019.

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